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Lyft Says 1,807 Sexual Assaults Occurred in Rides in 2019 (www.nytimes.com) 10/21/2021 10:48 PM The company’s first-ever safety report, which it committed two years ago to producing, also included four fatal assaults and 49 deaths in crashes.
Apple Unveils New MacBook Computers and Updated AirPods (www.nytimes.com) 10/18/2021 02:52 PM The tech giant rolled back some of the changes it had made to its laptops, getting rid of the unpopular Touch Bar and re-adding ports for an HDMI cable and an SD memory card.
Instagram Struggles With Fears of Losing Its ‘Pipeline’: Young Users (www.nytimes.com) 10/21/2021 08:22 PM The app, hailed as Facebook’s growth engine, has privately wrestled with retaining and engaging teenagers, according to internal documents.
Facebook to Pay $14 Million to Settle Worker Discrimination Claims (www.nytimes.com) 10/19/2021 05:33 PM The Justice Department sued the company in December, arguing that Facebook had declined to “recruit, consider or hire” qualified United States workers for more than 2,000 positions.
Desperate for Workers, Restaurants Turn to Robots (www.nytimes.com) 10/19/2021 09:22 AM They can make French fries, mix drinks and even clean toilets, and they never ask for a raise. But they also break down.
Museums Use Technology to Stir Interest in the Artistic Past (www.nytimes.com) 10/20/2021 05:00 AM The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, is using modern technology to stir appreciation for ancient artistry — including an Athenian potter’s transformative “discovery” of red.
Bolsonaro's Pandemic Response Draws Claim of Crimes Against Humanity (www.nytimes.com) 10/20/2021 04:16 AM A report from lawmakers initially said Jair Bolsonaro should be charged with mass homicide and genocide, accusing him of letting Covid-19 spread in a failed bid for herd immunity.
Why the Cable Company Is Selling TVs (www.nytimes.com) 10/21/2021 12:36 PM It all comes down to having power over what Americans watch and how.
Amazon Workers on Staten Island Aim for Union Vote (www.nytimes.com) 10/21/2021 07:59 AM The organizers say they will have enough signatures by Monday to file for an election with the National Labor Relations Board. The company is pushing back.
Hackers Lay Claim to Trump's Social App Before Its Launch (www.nytimes.com) 10/22/2021 08:24 AM Hackers tied to the group Anonymous defaced a private version of the former president’s app, Truth Social, posting images of defecating pigs and explicative-laced rants.
Google to Lower Its App Store Fees for Developers to 15% (www.nytimes.com) 10/21/2021 01:44 PM The move is a concession to regulators and lawmakers, who are challenging whether the company has overcharged developers.
Google said it had successfully ‘slowed down’ European privacy rules, according to lawsuit. (www.nytimes.com) 10/22/2021 01:34 PM The new details came in an unredacted version of a lawsuit filed by Texas and 11 other states.
Mark Zuckerberg to Be Added to Facebook Privacy Suit (www.nytimes.com) 10/21/2021 11:37 AM The District of Columbia case, which grew out of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, could expose the chief executive to financial and other penalties.
The True Cost of Upgrading Your Phone (www.nytimes.com) 10/20/2021 03:06 PM Buying a $1,000 iPhone can be equivalent to giving up $17,000 in retirement savings or 2,500 cups of coffee.
AMC to Add Onscreen Captions at Some Locations (www.nytimes.com) 10/20/2021 09:53 AM The move was lauded by advocates for the deaf and the hard of hearing, but theater owners worry audiences don’t want captions.
OnlyFans May Be a Refuge for Nude Fine Art (www.nytimes.com) 10/21/2021 05:00 AM The Vienna Tourist Board has joined the adults-only site to display artworks that other social platforms have censored.
How to Talk to the World Through Free Translation Apps (www.nytimes.com) 10/20/2021 09:00 AM Open up Google Translate or Apple’s Translate and your mobile device turns into your personal language interpreter.
Can We Have Healthy Conversations Online? (www.nytimes.com) 10/21/2021 06:01 PM Not all online spaces are terrible. Join Shira Ovide, a Times technology writer, for a virtual event on Nov. 18 exploring the forces behind internet communities that work.
Boeing Deepens NASA Starliner Probe, Prompting More Delays (www.nytimes.com) 10/20/2021 07:35 PM The Starliner capsule for NASA crews is now unlikely to have another orbital flight test until the middle of next year.
The Webb Telescope’s Latest Stumbling Block: Its Name (www.nytimes.com) 10/21/2021 12:27 PM The long-awaited successor to the Hubble Space Telescope is scheduled to launch in December. But the NASA official for whom it is named has been accused of homophobia.
We Won’t Forget WeWork’s Meltdown (www.nytimes.com) 10/19/2021 01:52 PM Start-up implosions don’t matter to most people. But the feelings of unfairness affect us all.
Netflix Employees Walk Out to Protest Dave Chappelle's Special (www.nytimes.com) 10/20/2021 06:33 PM The protest involved dozens of employees and was one of the most visible signs of worker unrest in the history of the streaming service.
YouTube Sued Over Animal Abuse Videos, Accused of Not Enforcing Ban (www.nytimes.com) 10/19/2021 05:00 AM An animal rights group said the site had ignored efforts to get clear violations taken down. YouTube said it had removed hundreds of thousands.
PayPal Is Said to Be in Talks to Buy Pinterest in a $45 Billion Deal (www.nytimes.com) 10/20/2021 05:36 PM If completed, it would be the largest consumer internet deal of the past decade.
Treasury Warns That Digital Currencies Could Weaken U.S. Sanctions (www.nytimes.com) 10/18/2021 05:45 PM A review found that the sanctions program must be modernized to maintain its effectiveness.
A Hearing Aid for Everyone (www.nytimes.com) 10/20/2021 01:11 PM Over-the-counter hearing aids have the potential to show government and tech companies at their best.
Lawmakers question whether Amazon executives, including Jeff Bezos, misled Congress. (www.nytimes.com) 10/19/2021 11:33 AM A bipartisan group told the company that they were considering referring their concerns to the Justice Department for a potential criminal inquiry.
Blacktag, a New Streaming Service, Has Big Plans (www.nytimes.com) 10/20/2021 11:41 PM A new streaming platform wants to be a destination for Black audiences around the world.
Elizabeth Holmes Trial: Key Moments From Week 6 (www.nytimes.com) 10/15/2021 05:11 PM Testimony addressed the question of whether Theranos was misleading and deceiving big corporations to get money.
Russia Strengthens Its Internet Censorship Powers (www.nytimes.com) 10/22/2021 11:33 AM Quietly built over two years, the Kremlin’s censorship infrastructure gives it sweeping power to block sites. Many fear a new age of digital isolation.

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