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Blue Origin sells seat aboard its first human flight for $28 million (www.engadget.com) 06/12/2021 02:20 PM Blue Origin has sold the first seat aboard a New Shepherd rocket for $28 million — although the buyer remains mysterious.
Watch Ubisoft's Forward E3 event with us at 2:40PM ET (www.engadget.com) 06/12/2021 02:00 PM Ubisoft is gearing up to make a splash at E3 today with its Forward event, which kicks off at 3PM ET.
Top-down shooter 'Demon Throttle' is a physical exclusive for the Nintendo Switch (www.engadget.com) 06/12/2021 05:32 PM Devolver and Doinksoft are practically daring you to buy or sell their new game on eBay.
Netflix reveals new 'Castlevania' series and other game-related projects (www.engadget.com) 06/12/2021 02:46 PM Netflix is giving us a wider view of what to expect from the streaming giant when it comes to game-related shows.
Hitting the Books: How Richard Browning took to the sky like Iron Man (www.engadget.com) 06/12/2021 11:30 AM Aviator Richard Browning recalls the record-making 2017 flight that put his name in the Guinness Book of World Records.
The Morning After: Will your Mac be able to run macOS Monterey? (www.engadget.com) 06/12/2021 09:30 AM A week of WWDC 2021 news, the start of E3 2021 and new vehicles from Ford and Tesla. In short, a very busy week in tech.
'Assassin's Creed Valhalla' DLC will let you lay siege to Paris this summer (www.engadget.com) 06/12/2021 04:07 PM When Assassin's Creed Valhalla new expansion comes out this summer, it will allow players to relieve the Siege of Paris.
Apple sets tighter limits on legal requests after Trump DOJ targeted politicians (www.engadget.com) 06/12/2021 12:10 PM Apple says it has set limits on legal requests sometime after the Trump-era DOJ gathered info on Democrat politicians in hopes of finding leakers.
Ubisoft's Avatar game will arrive in 2022 (www.engadget.com) 06/12/2021 04:27 PM Ubisoft has revealed that 'Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora' will release in 2022, and it won't be available for last-gen consoles.
'Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope' is coming to Switch in 2022 (www.engadget.com) 06/12/2021 04:16 PM The sequel to 'Kingdom Battle' will add 'new action elements' to the turn-based tactical series.
'Far Cry 6' will bring back the series' best villains (if you pay more) (www.engadget.com) 06/12/2021 04:43 PM Far Cry 6 will see the return of past villains from the franchise as playable characters in post-launch DLC.
'Trek to Yomi' is a Kurosawa-inspired 2D samurai game coming in 2022 (www.engadget.com) 06/12/2021 05:18 PM Announced today during Devolver Digital's E3 presentation, the 2.5D side-scroller sees you play as samurai.
China's Mars rover took a selfie (www.engadget.com) 06/12/2021 05:29 PM China's Zhurong Mars rover has sent a group selfie documenting its exploration of the Red Planet.
Larry Page's air taxi startup loses one of its key designers (www.engadget.com) 06/12/2021 01:35 PM The Larry Page-backed air taxi startup Kitty Hawk has dropped a key designer after fights over the company's strategy.
Massively multiplayer extreme sports game 'Riders Republic' arrives September 2nd (www.engadget.com) 06/12/2021 03:54 PM 'Riders Republic' is an extreme sports fantasy world where you can race against 63 other people/
McDonald's hit by data breaches in US, South Korea and Taiwan (www.engadget.com) 06/12/2021 12:30 PM McDonald's is the latest massive corporation to be hit by a cyberattack.
Rocksmith+ is an Ubisoft subscription service for learning guitar and bass (www.engadget.com) 06/12/2021 03:42 PM You can use your phone's microphone and get real-time feedback as you play.
ICYMI: We take a listen to Sony’s new WF-1000XM4 earbuds (www.engadget.com) 06/12/2021 12:00 PM This week's tech reviews on Engadget include the Sony WF-1000XM4 earbuds, Civilized Cycle's Model 1 e-bike and the latest Tamagotchi Pix.
'Rainbow 6: Extraction' brings alien co-op shooting on September 16th (www.engadget.com) 06/12/2021 03:38 PM As promised, Ubisoft showed off Rainbow 6: Extraction, a new spin on its popular first-person shooter.
This refurbished iPad Pro runs like new and is 52 percent off (www.engadget.com) 06/12/2021 10:55 AM This 9.7-inch Apple iPad Pro comes with a Retina display, a powerful processor and built-in Wi-Fi, and it works like new.
Google will update Chrome OS just as quickly as its web browser (www.engadget.com) 06/12/2021 03:25 PM Google is speeding up the Chrome OS update cycle and will now release new versions every four weeks, just like the regular Chrome browser.
Netflix and CD Projekt Red are hosting a 'The Witcher' convention on July 9th (www.engadget.com) 06/12/2021 05:19 AM Netflix and CD Projekt Red are holding a virtual The Witcher convention with events that tackle both the games and live action series.
'Godfall' will hit PS4 on August 10th (www.engadget.com) 06/13/2021 09:08 AM The former PS5 console exclusive is also getting a paid expansion and a free update.

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